How does this work for Land Owners?

Memberships for Tiny Home & Glamping Tent Owners 

Tiny Living Club offers different membership packages to anyone that owns an Everywhere® Tiny Home or an Everywhere® Sojourn Glamping Tent. So you can rest assured knowing that you’re not going to get an old dumpy RV with some questionable people living on your land.

Listing your Land

If you’d like to offer your land to our members to stay on, we will post photos of your property on our site and email out all of our members letting them know a new property is available.

Getting Paid

Once a member has requested to stay on your land, we will pay you 12 months in advance.  We can pay you $2,400 per year per spot.

Duration of Stay

Each member will only be allowed to stay 90 days at a time on your property. If we don’t have any interest for the rest of the year for your property, you’ve already been paid and you get to keep your money. Our goal is to select great pieces of property though so we can expect your spot(s) to be accommodated.

Required Amenities for Tiny Homes

If you’d like to host a tiny home owner, you’ll need to have a nice space with full RV hookups. 50 amp including water and sewer. Can be a city connection or septic and a cistern with a pump. As long as they can connect to a hose, power and a standard 3″ black/grey water drain.

Required Amenities for Glamping Tents

If you’d like to host a glamping tent owner, we require that you have a nice open space with access to a fire pit and a table for eating. There should also be access to a bathroom with showers if possible.


We don’t currently offer insurance to cover for any damages that might happen during a guests stay but we’re working on it. We’re still new so bare with us. This program will get much better over time!

Discount on Everywhere® Products

Because we’re exclusively partnered with Everywhere®, we can offer you a 20% discount on their Haven Tiny Homes and Sojourn Tents if you exclusively list your land with us.