About Tiny Living Club

If America is the land of the free, then why don’t we truly have freedom to live where we want, in what we want? We’re taking this personally — so that’s why we’re on a mission to solve it once and for all, in our own creative way.

The affordable housing scenario in the US is a complete nightmare and only looking to get worse unless good people stand up and fight for a better tomorrow. We offer memberships for living in tiny homes and tents, within communities that people will actually love.

We also work with land owners to provide their land to others that want to live a minimal life inside of a tiny home. Having access to land you can stay at for 90 days at a time is a huge deal.

We’re changing the housing crisis, one creative idea at a time. If American cities, counties, and the government don’t want to actually do anything to give us more freedom when it comes to living tiny, then WE WILL!